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Meet our family.

meet the


We are the Boyds, and we're so excited to welcome you to The Brick Office! We have six kids, love the great outdoors, and are interested in Idaho's history. You will often find us together hunting, fishing, boating, and enjoying Idaho's mountains.


We initially found this building because we were looking for a new office space for our residential remodeling company, Boyd Remodeling and Construction. However, we quickly fell in love with the story behind the building and decided it was one that needed to be shared! The Brick Office building used to be the bottling plant and office for the Crescent Brewing Company. The Brewery was demolished in 1966, but the office still remains today. We spent several months remodeling the space and officially opened for business on May 15, 2023 - what would've been the 116th anniversary of the The Crescent Brewery's grand opening.

We hope you will take some time to learn about the history behind the The Crescent Brewery!

- Anthony and Marissa Boyd 

Explore the history behind our venue

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